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"Change the way you think about a problem"

David Saddington


I want to change the way we talk about climate change

Despite the threat of global climate disruption there is an enormous amount of disengagement when it comes to climate change. I use my experience at the forefront of climate change science, policy and public engagement to change these perceptions as the imperative for action and economic opportunities have never been so strong. 


Climate change is perceived as a distant, far-away threat and that needs to change. We need to really get to grips about how climate change is already affecting our everyday lives by understanding how these global changes interact with the global flows of money, products and people. 


In my work I urge people to think deeper about what climate change means for them and to think more pragmatically about tackling it. 


Communication is the key to action. If people understand the problem, how it will affect them, and the wider society & business benefits of tackling climate change then they will be willing to take action.


I have already changed the way we communicate climate change once- by getting climate change onto the UK Schools National Curriculum and explaining the science of the problem via the media. Now I want to change this again.


By educating so heavilly about the science of climate change we had made it a distant and abstract concept far removed from everyday life. We are now able to objectively look at the changes to the planet around us with no emotional connection.

How is climate change affecting you right now? And I’m not just talking about the news worthy catastrophes but more about the subtle impacts of climate change.


This is about you, people like you, everyday decisions; such as buying food, driving your kids to school, how many hours can you afford to put the heating on, purchasing home insurance, which places are safe to go on holiday?


Stop educating about the science of climate change and start educating yourself about how this will affect you and what you care about. 

How will this affect you?


Start the discussion and stimulate the debate. Join me and start grounding climate change in everyday life.


Reassess what climate change means for you by better understanding the complexities of our globalised lifestyles.


Think more broadly about the world we live in and how climate change on the other side of the world can impact your everyday life.






"Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone"


Reinhold Niebuhr

If everyone does a little big it can make a big difference. We all have the power to shape the world around for the better.


Join me and help change the way we communicate climate change. Whether you are a student, teacher, business owner, chairty coordinator, politician or shop worker I want to hear from you.


Climate change is not just a scientific concept. Let us change the perception of climate change and start talking about the social, financial and security impacts it will have on our everyday lives.


Tweet, chat to your neighbour over a cup of tea, do some research on how climate change will affect you, organise a public debate.


Engage in the climate change discussion and help ground the concept in everyday life.

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