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Explore the below gallery to see past news stories and photos of David's climate change work since 2005


David Saddington Tony Blair

Stories, Photos and Articles

Explore my Climate Change work since 2005 in the below galley
Ice & Climate
Scenes of Reason
Italian Lecture Series
David chairs workshop
TEDx Climate, Active, Cities
Green Finalist
TEDxTeen Talk now online
David Nominated for Green Award
Five lessons for entrepreneurs TxT
Huffington Post First Blog
Norton environmentalist speaks at O2
Environmental Warrier Up For Award
Fighting to save the planet
Visting Nile on the O2 Think Big
Speaking out about climate change
The Green Perspective- NE Energy
Climate Change 'most crucial issue'
Sustainable Solutions July 2014
Geography Society Annual Dinner
WAFF/Girard Perregaux Event Nov 2013
Thomson Reuters article
Iceland Expedition Summer 2013
Summit Mt Kilimanjaro with SRC Team
Climate Change & The Human Condition
Launch of Durham Iceland Expedition
Marys Do Ground Force
Prince Charles Eco Garden Party
Climbing Fundraiser for Eco Garden
SRC Bede Eco garden Campaign
Science Exhibition 2011
National Science Fair
Seed Appeal for Romania 2010
David and David 2010
Solar Education at Blakeston
RM Wind Turbine at Blakeston
Environment Awards 2010
Winning is just a breeze for David
Citizens Summit 2007
NE Climate Communications
NE Schools Lead Climate Education
Community Champion 2009
Community Champion 2009
Launch of Electric Smart Car
Smart Car Launch
Evening Gazette 2010
Community Champions 2009
Eco Dome 2008
Blakeston Eco Council
Eco Council
Blakeston Eco Garden Team
Green Crusade
Second eco garden- before
Second eco garden-after
Brick in the Mattie' Peace Garden
First Eco Garden
NESLC Teacher Training Presentation
St James Park Youth Assembley
British Council 2008
Global Teen Leader 2008
Live Earth BBC Interview 2007
David is our climate champion
No need to be a waster
Energy Savings Trust 2007
Teenager in energy plea
ITV News 2007
Speak out on climate change
Sheffield Assembley 2006
Switzerland 2006
Defra- Switzerland Expedition
Ice work if you can get it
Warming effects on Alpine glaciers
Climate Chaneg Champion 2006
Saving the world at age 13
BBC News 2006
David's cool on change
Downing Street 2006
Downing Street Gardens 2006
News Team 2006
My Chilling Lesson 2006
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