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david saddington FRGS

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Influencing UK & international policy, fronting a pioneering climate media campaign that reached over 3 million people and giving a TEDx talk at London's O2 arena are just a few of David Saddington's achievements as a climate change activist since experiencing a stark introduction to the impacts of climate change as a thirteen year old. 

As a climate change communicator David works to unpick the complexity of the global crisis and show how we can all make a difference in transforming to low carbon lifestyles and business models. 


After leading education reforms to get climate change on school curricula David has pursued his own academic work studying climate science and a broad range of climate impacts from the environmental to economic, security & health implications. 


David continues to be a contemporary voice for climate change action, speaking to a range of audiences around the world - from United Nations Conferences to BBC news. David speaks about the opportunities and challenges from tackling climate change from his experience consulting on the implementation of carbon policies and on sustainability initiatives with Governments and multinational corporations. He always seeks out innovative ways to re-energise the conversation around this global challenge.


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I am an experienced and established speaker, regularly communicating climate science and what we can all do to tackle this global crisis.

I work with businesses, schools, NGOs.. whoever wants to make a difference and know more about how we can urgently step up to combat the climate crisis 



Following my TED talk at London's O2 arena about the need to change the way we talk about climate change in order to get people to care and act the United Nations invited me to lead public engagement at COP21 in Paris. 

Following the major breakthrough of the Paris Agreement, through consultancy and key note speeches I supported enhanced ambition and implementation of carbon cutting plans with numerous Governments and multi-national businesses. 



Continuing to study climate science and seeing the impacts first hand as COkept rising I led students to transform city centres into large scale engaging climate change communication events with outdoor cinemas, interactive science experiments and 'Climate Change Question Time' panel discussion about the solutions. 


As well as engaging thousands in these events I started lecture tours in Europe, from TED talks, mountain huts and boardrooms






I was selected to be a Climate Change Champion for the UK Government and fronted a nation wide climate change media campaign with the BBC, ITV, Sky and regional press which reached over 3 million. I travelled to Switzerland to see first-hand the impact of climate change on Alpine glaciers and talked about these experiences at conferences, schools, shopping centres and even prisons around the UK. 


In this role I met with the then Prime Minister Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street and discussed the implementation of climate change on the UK national curriculum. Climate change is now an essential part of youth education and I led teacher training courses to implement the new syllabus. Since 2007 I have pushed to expand these education reforms worldwide with the United Nations and British Council.  



379 ppm


After being trapped in the middle of one of the worst storms on record to hit North Yorkshire, UK, I became very aware of the threat that climate change posed. The impact of these global changes meant that floods like this would very likely increase in frequency and severity and affect my community. 


2005 was a time before climate change was big news so I started educating my peers in my school and community about 'global warming' and how urgently we must halt emissions and confront the challenges of a warming world.  


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