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David Saddington Speaker
David is a sought-out guest speaker, panelist and facilitator available for collaboration with your business, school or cause.
He speaks with passion and from experience at the forefront of climate change science and policy.
Implementing climate education on the UK curriculum, heading up a climate change communications campaign that reached an audience of 3 million, seeing and studying the impacts of climate change around the world, delivering innovative large scale climate engagement events, working with the United Nations, consulting businesses on energy and sustainability policy and founding his own eco-garden social enterprise are just some of David's experiences of climate change work since the age of 13.


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  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • The business case for tackling climate change
  • Sustainable growth 
  • Careers in Climate Change 
  • Climate eduction 
  • My Story - North Yorkshire Floods, UK Curriculum Reform and Effective Activism
  • Climate science 
  • Interactive experiments 
  • Climate solutions 


David did an excellent job in co-ordinating, organising and chairing the Chasing Ice outdoor film screening and Climate Change Question Time events in Durham.  The choice of venue and message were ideal as it helped reach groups who are traditionally difficult to engage with, and encouraged them to get involved with some of the problems we are facing because of climate change.

In all my years of working with youth, I've never been more impressed with ones preparation and impact. David took a very loaded topic and creatively spun it in a way you can't NOT care about climate change. His delivery on stage was sheer perfection. Jaws are still dropping around the world. In only 18 minutes, he redefined an issue and brought it to the forefront of everyones life.

David was scouted as international speaker for TED talks. It was a pleasure to work with him, he is eager to learn, to improve and to inspire his audience every time. The world needs speakers like David.  

Don´t hesitate to book him, in my opinion you will do your audience a great favour by having David on your stage! 

Stephen Beresford-
Sustainability Manager Durham County Council

Jess Teutonico - 
Exec Director We Are Family Foundation

Nienke van Bezooijen -
TED Talks Speaker coach

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