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Ghana Youth Climate Coalition was founded on 1st October, 2011 by a young activist and social entrepreneur named Mr.Jamal Musah Ghana Youth Climate Coalition (GYCC) seeks to mobilise, educate, inspire and empower the youth of Ghana to become agents of change. GYCC believes that, the youth of the country today are the prospective future leaders of our dear nation. Therefore the youth have the right to save their future environment for sustainable living.

David has pledged to help us influence the government to prioritise climate change action and to raise global awareness of our work






Sarah Crudgington- Climate Change Champion


DEFRA’s ‘Climate Change Champion’ initiative was set up to encourage people to speak out for the environment and take action on the pressing issue of climate change. Nine young people were selected to represent each of the regions of England. I was chosen for the East of England region, and David Saddington represented the North-East. The nine of us made a formidable team and it was our responsibility to spread the word about climate change, and encourage others to take action against it. We saw firsthand the effects that climate change is having on glaciers in Switzerland and met many glaciologists and professors during our 5 day trip there. We all supported one another in presenting to large audiences in London, and in our respective regions. Personal highlights from my time as a champion include presenting at a WWF Sustainability Conference at Westminster Hall and presenting to an audience about the work of the champions at an event held at the BT Tower with David Miliband.


Messages from partners

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