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David Saddington Climate Change

Climate Change Communicator & Writer 

I am a regular blogger for The Huffington Post commenting on contemporary climate, environmental and energy issues. I also provide UK and International policy analysis in these areas for more specialist and academic institutions such as the Grantham Institute of Climate Change and the Environment, Durham University and the Adopt a Negotiator a programme which follows climate change negotiations. 


As well as these writing commitments I maintain a commentary in the North East media in relation to climate change, industry and technology. 


I also have guest blogged for many publications such as Thomson Reuters, The Guardian Witness and have contributed to a number of books focussed on climate change, activism, entrepreneurship and young people. 

  • Social Enterprise
  • Urban Gardening 
  • Green Cities
  • Garden Design and Biodiversity
  • Making Positive Change in Your Community
  • Careers in Climate Change 
  • My Story - North Yorkshire Floods, UK Curriculum Reform and Effective Activism
  • How to be a More Effective Activist
  • Youth Involvement and Engagement
  • COP21 and implementing the Paris Agreement
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • The Business Case for Tackling Climate Change
  • Climate Finance
  • Green Investment
  • Public Relations
  • Environmental Policy and Reporting
  • Sustainable Development 
  • Carbon Markets
  • Climate Change (Science, Politics, Economics, Society) and Adaptation/Mitigation
  • Science Communication
  • Environment/Nature (Broad Appreciation of Nature to Pollution, Conservation, Legislation, Wildlife) 
  • Renewable Energy Technology
  • Glaciology - Icecaps, Antarctica, Sea Level Rise
  • Resilience
  • Disaster Risk Reduction


Every once in a while I come across someone who gives me hope. A great gift. Please don't just follow @EnvironmentDave Lead the way he does.

Glen Murray - Ontario Minister of the Environmnet & Climate Change

The perfect balance of intelligence, modesty and humour, Dave is a unforgettable character and gives off a lot of positive energy.

Daniel Jones -

British Exploring

Dave is an excellent person to work with - he is highly intelligent, diligent, and is an excellent negotiator. I look forward to working alongside Dave in future projects.



Christopher Vos - MSc Student at Durham University

The staff and students of St Mary’s College are very proud of David Saddington’s energy, commitment and achievements in a wide range of projects, particularly those involving the environment and climate change, culminating in his organisation of a major event in June 2014, “Chasing Ice Durham”.   David has also been the prime mover in the setting up of an Eco Garden at St Mary’s College, applying for funding, seeking advice from relevant University departments and organising volunteer labour for planting and maintenance of the garden, which is now well-established and a distinct asset to the landscaping of the College.

Professor Simon Hackett - Principal St Marys College Durham University

When climate change was referred to as global warming and few people either talked about it or understood what it meant,David was taking an interest and discovering everything he could about what it actually meant. That he was barely a teenager did not matter as his commitment was sincere and obvious. Much of what David talked about was new to staff and pupils, he was teaching his teachers! He established an environmental committee and invited the school bursar and site manager to join and that ensured funding and access to the premises during holidays. His influence was seen across the school whether it was the signs to turn off lights, the wind powered computer he won or the vegetables from the garden served in the school canteen. The garden was a great success and,with David's leadership and example, the younger pupils were interested and involved. The whole area of the garden was much improved and attractive adding a new aspect for some of the more challenged pupils.

Judith Hovington - Former Headteacher at Blakeston School

I attended the Climate Change Question Time as a panellist where David Saddington chaired the panel. David managed the panel very well and asked insightful questions

Dr Arvin Zolfaghari - Exposure Management Development Manager at Liberty Specialty Markets

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